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Drow Drabbles

.: Dark Elf Fiction :.

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A little community for short ficlets about that most fascinating of Forgotten Realms races - the Drow. Alternately, we do also accept larger fics too, but nothing novel length in one post please! Splitting them into chapters is always acceptable though.


1. All fics should be placed behind an LJ cut. If you don't know how to do one, this page will tell you. You can, however, place more than one fic behind separate cuts if they're only small.

2. Anything with questionable content such as yaoi (male/male) or yuri (female/female) relationships should be marked as such. So also should anything over PG13 involving sex or explicit violence.

3. You're allowed to advertise yourself and your sites once. This can be in your introductory post, if you choose to make one, or it can be an advert for another community, but you're only allowed one. This is to stop the community being nothing but spam, as there's nothing worse than browsing your friends page and seeing adverts all over the place. :)

4. No flaming! It's a big no-no. It costs nothing to not say a word if you don't like something. If you think something could be corrected, then say so in a polite way and the author - and the rest of the community - should respect you for it.

5. If you want/don't want constructive criticism, say so in your post. If you don't say 'no C&C' and someone gives you some, no hissy fits are allowed as it's only your fault for not saying you didn't want any. :)

6. Extremely long fics should be split up into separate posts. A good general rule is that if it's over 2,500-3,000 words long, it should be split. People tend to lose interest in long stories on LJ, so shorter chapters are usually a good idea.

7. Have fun. :3

Problems / Suggestions

If you have a problem, then come to me, nothingtoregret and I will do my very best to help you. Likewise, if you have a suggestion, then asking doesn't hurt.

I'll post a list of moderators when the community is big enough to warrant them. :)